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Trip Diary 4/28/16: Lake Lewisville

Me and my two sons took advantage of Tom Gravley's special for an evening fishing trip on Lake Lewisville.

We caught between 125-150 fish EASY. Not only did he put us on the fish like a professional, but he was exceptional with my sons. I've been on several guided trips, but this guy is without question, my go to guy locally.

I just won't fish with anyone else, he was that remarkable. I'm already booking a trip for next week, and two buddies are booking trios with their sons.

-Troy Bishop

Trip Diary 4/25/16: Lake Lewisville

Had a spur of the moment trip with some Amarillo guys today! They landed at love field at 6:30 am. At my slip at 7:45. Catching sandbass/hybrids by 8:05!!! Everybody pretty much caught a limit by 9:15! Decided to go see if a cat or two would bite. Anchored in one spot the rest of the morning. Three gallons of fillets plus a13&28 slot fish!!! Plenty of fish for a company fish fry and got off the lake in time to make their meeting!!!! Fun day with these guys!!! Book your trip now!!!!

Will post pics of the big fish later. I didn't wind up with any on my phone!!!

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Trip Diary 4/16/16: Lake Lewisville

Six year old Jude and Joel brought their dad and grandpa out catching in the wind this morning!!! Little dudes caught enough fish for about twenty lbs of fillets, three slot fish 12,14,15. Grandpa caught a 21 inch hybrid and dad caught a spotted gar!

Trip Diary 4/10/16: Lake Lewisville

Had a fun windy trip with Ian today! Wound up with two 26#,14# and two gallons of fillets!

Trip Diary 3/9/16: Lake Tawakoni

Had a fun last weekend at Twok with some good people!!! Kept thirty both days for 8 gallons of fillets!!

Random Lake Tawakoni 2016

Here are some random photos from our 2016 Trophy Trip Season at Lake Tawakoni